Envy Pillow

Envy Pillow


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Back Sleeping

While back sleeping, it places the patient’s neck in proper neck alignment in slight traction and comfortably cradles the head making it feel weightless..the cradling prevents rotation as is often needed in patients recovering from injury or strain. Many clients report significant reduction in tossing and turning. The luxuriously smooth 100% bamboo pillow case  is 3 x more breathable and soft to the skin.....The 100% Mulberry SILK is Breathable and is smooth against your skin. All of which ensures you will have a comfortable and refreshing sleep...leaving you looking as good as you feel in the morning!

 Side Sleeping

While side sleeping, enVy® tilts the side sleeping client’s  head away from the pillow relieving  undue pressure on the jaw  and ear area.  This allows the enVy® to be extremely effective in decreasing TMJ pain or ear pain.  enVy also facilitates less pressure on the bottom shoulder of the side sleeper and has been recommended by Chiropractors to clients with shoulder injuries, chronic pain and the numbness/pins and needles that sleepers often experience while side sleeping.  *Shoulder problems are also often caused by referred pain from the neck. Therefore, stabilizing the neck during sleep is of paramount importance.